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The library has an expanding youth section and offers clubs and activities aimed towards the Institute’s young public.

In 2015, to take a step further in our educational action and to engage with the young public, we launched a program to take the library beyond the walls.

This program is aimed towards to a young audience, both in school and after school, especially the remote public. The goal is to introduce them to the American culture and to give them the opportunity to practice their English.

To do so, we have worked on two educational tools that can be found at the Institute: our American teaching kits and our travelling exhibits.

The teaching kits:

Books, board games, magazines: the teaching kits created by the Franco-American Institute compile authentic documents in English for use in primary schools. The kits are efficient educational tools that allow young audiences to immerse in American culture. The material focuses on the topic of “life at school” and lets the pupils discover a typical American school day.

The documents (fiction, documentaries, sound files) are adapted to the users’ age and incorporate daily life objects (a typical lunchbox), an original and fun way for young audiences to discover American society.

The American teaching kits can be borrowed by schools for up to six weeks, you may book them directly at the Institute.

Educational instructions are available to help teachers use the kits.

Other similar tools for middle school and high school levels will be developed in the future.

Travelling exhibits and « beyond the walls » conferences:

actions pedagogiques

As part of the « beyond the walls » program, the Institute lends free travelling exhibits to schools, social institutions and libraries. These theme-based exhibitions can be borrowed for 2 to 6 week-periods by members of the Institute.

  • « Let’s dance!» : This exhibition was first created for the Grand Soufflet festival in 2012. It shows the work of Louisiana-based photographer Lucius A. Fontenot. The artist gives a unique portrayal of Louisiana through its music and its dance culture. Description panels accompany the photographs and explain their context.
  • « American Hip Hop Elements»: Created for Dooinit Festival 2015, the exhibition focuses on the nineties hip-hop culture from the East Coast to the West Coast. It goes back to the golden age of hip-hop through the portraits of famous artists. A historical timeline and educational panels are displayed to explain who the artists are, from Jay-Z to the Black Eyed Peas.
  • « Before Superheroes »: This exhibition on 1930s comic books was presented at the Franco-American Institute in 2015. It mainly focuses on four heroes who left a lasting impression on pop culture: Tarzan, Mandrake, Flash Gordon and Prince Valiant. These now cult characters were precursors of the generation of super heroes that was to appear in the following decade. Copies of original artwork from the personal collections of Didier Guégo and Pascal Monteville as well as explanatory boards immerse the audience in the universe of comics.
  • In 2017, new exhibitions on swing and on Fordism will add to our collection of travelling exhibitions.

We can also organize conferences outside the Institute for school audiences. These conferences are given in French, on topics related to our current program, and are animated by an American culture specialist. These events are free of charge and can be prepared in class before the conference.